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    14K Gold Filled

    14k Gold Earcuff – Stockholm


    Earcuff with moon shaped zicron – Mecca


    Pearl Ear cuff – Seville


    14k Gold fresh water pearls with gold laurels -Dublin


    Dream catcher with zircon -Arizona


    14k Gold Eyes with Zicron Earpins – Cairo


    14K Gold Plated Star with Stone Earrings – Tallinn


    Dream catcher earrings – Aarhus


    Shell with stone earrings – Kauai


    Fresh Water Pearl Earrings – Belize


    Pearl with zircon earrings – Algarve


    Fresh water pearls with zircon earpins – Osaka


    Elephant Earpins – Chiangmai


    Pearl earrings-Lima


    14k Gold Hands with Zircon Drop Earrings -Shanghai


    14k Gold Tassel Earrings Gatsby -Vegas


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    Fine Quality

    14K or 18K Filled Gold

    925 Sterling Silver

    100% Natural Pearls

    Fresh Water Pearls

    Long Lasting

    Water Resistant

    Allergy Friendly